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Me :)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

It Doesn't Finish at Freshers...

It Doesn’t Finish at Freshers…


This month & ½ has been a little quieter due to the #FreshersFinishLine and TeamSabb have finally caught up on some well earned sleep (#SabbLife).  Never the less we’ve still been plodding along with lots of campaign planning, election organizing, student repping etc.

This is what we’ve gotten up to this month…



* We hosted a stand at the freshers fairs and Society fairs which included Information on Course Rep Elections, By-Elections, The Sabbs & The Union, Spotify Sign Up and Saloufest.

* We organised and arranged sports sign up and kit distribution.

* We liaised with both Glam nightclub and Revolution to develop opportunities and partnerships for Students for the year.

* We’ve developed the ‘Community Watch’ program and have recruited student volunteers for it. We’ve ran campaigns on alcohol, safety, litter and car parking in conjunction with the local police, the community, the university and the local council.

* We’ve developed a Visioning Strategy to note the direction of the Union over the next few years and to investigate how we can strategically disseminate staff across all five campuses.

* Outstanding trustee positions were advertised through the USWSU website. We recruited for the remaining three positions.

* We developed and produced the ‘University Students Want’ academic manifesto in collaboration with CELT and The University, which collated all slta data from previous years. We have been pushing and campaigning for these ideals. We’ve created a poster campaign outlining its content and have made the document available online. We are currently working with the University on implementing its core initiatives into the teaching and learning curriculum.

* We ran SVR interviews, Course Rep elections and recruited for the posts. We also developed a poster campaign to guide students to the roles of an SVR/CR.

* We advertised for students to design a logo for our new student media platform ‘Cwtch Media’. A logo was decided by trustee board.

* We advertised and ran the by-elections (student council elections). We managed to recruit for the Pontypridd region council, the Newport region council and the Cardiff region council.

* We collated all freshers analysis and delivered a freshers de-brief to Union staff which compromised of a critical evaluation of the freshers period, local and regional research results and suggestions for the future.

* We’re currently looking at running a bus to Cardiff once a month from both our Treforest and Caerleon campuses.

* We’ve been working hard with the commercial team in offering alternate nights to students. We have agreed a deal to sell Glam nightclub tickets for a Monday night to students and will be running a monthly bus from Treforest/Caerleon campuses.

* We’ve been lobbying students to sign a petition which lobbies the government to reject the plans to cut £65 of FE and HE funding. Sign the Petition here:

* We’ve delivered our first Go Out And Talk Campaign to Students at the City Campus. We gave a survey out to students requiring feedback on the SU and have collated them and passed them on to the relevant departments.

* We’ve designed and prepared the Safety Campaign – alcohol awareness posters. The campaign will go live in December.



#BusyBee   #LifeOnTheRoad

* I’ve uploaded the documented charity rally to Bratislava, where two members of the Pontypridd Region women’s rugby union team and I travelled through 14 Countries in 7 days in aid of Dementia UK. The team came  valiant second out of 60 cars and lost out by a margin of two points. To view the video footage click here…

* I attended Graduations at both the Newport and Treforest regions. It was very strange to down my gown to applaud our recent graduates and friends.

* I played an integral role in the development and creation of the new enrolment and access cards which now include magstripes and electronic chips that will allow for the purchase of all things on campus and will allow staff and students access to certain buildings.

* I repped the Swim Britain Event, promoting individuals to get back in to the pool – an initiative following the 2012 Olympics. The opportunity for discounted entry rates was given to students and promoted through our Swim Team and Water Polo Team.

* I distributed promotional media for The Blues Cassadian Cup across the three regions. I also wrote a newsfeed article and lead on the USW Social platform for the competition. Both USW Mens and Womens teams entered the cup.

* I liaised with the Welsh Language Members of Staff at University to organize numerous Welsh Medium events throughout Freshers (Wythnos Y Glas).

* I designed and organized the #TeamSabb Kit in preparation for our Engagement Campaigns.

* I created SU feedback boxes to gather data from students of all campuses with regards to the SU #GOAT campaign.

* I’ve chased the Art Department with regards to getting a room for the AMC to use.

* I piloted a Ticket Rep scheme for the Bungee Jumping. I’m hoping to expand this to other events.

* I liaised with both sports departments across Caerleon and Treforest to develop an equal opportunity agreement. Students and Staff who have paid for membership on their primary base campus can now use the same membership on the other campus.

* I wrote and sent off USWs Postgraduate Scheme Funding Report requesting support for Postgraduate Students/Courses.

* I’ve been working with Caerleon Sports Department closely in developing a Tennis Co-Ordinator Postgraduate Scholarship. I’m currently looking into funding opportunities for this initiative.

* I’ve advertised and recruited Student Adventure Leaders to lead a group of fundraisers to raise money for charity, working with Challenges Abroad and Student Adventures, by doing the following challenges:  Inca Trek, Kilimanjaro Trek, Mayhem To Marakesh.

* I’ve created both student and external business cards. The student cards are for the purpose of welfare needs and the external for contact purposes.

* I was selected alongside the Integration co-ordinator in the union to conduct a research project in Argentina for NUS.

* I worked with Table top advertising to promote the local welsh governments campaign to fight against sexual harassment.  Posters were placed around all three regions and advertisements were placed online.

* I worked with the University marketing department on promoting the #CauseAndEffect initiative, by creating a Vine for the University Vine competition.

* I created a column and wrote a personal story for Sport Wales’s What Moves you Campaign.,-carys-rhiannon-thomas.aspx

* I lead in the spotify campaign, which gave students the opportunity to download free spotify and get automatically entered in to a draw for some top prizes. You can still get yours here: .

* I have been working with the local schools engagement University staff member to develop an engagement initiative, which will see Union staff and local school students working together on a project.

* I’ve been looking into the finances of May Ball and looking for sponsorship opportunities that will cover the shortfall from previous years. I’ve analysed the datasheets and am currently waiting on the supporting documents to go through those and to cross-reference.

* I’m currently working on the academic manifesto campaign, to educate students on the results of our collated feedback and what we plan on doing with it.

* I’ve spoken to Movember to set up our University of South Wales Network ready for the event in November. We plan on making this a friendly competition between all the sports teams, clubs and societies.

* I’ve spoken with the volunteering and fundraising co-ordinator with regards to having a pink October day where all the sports teams will wear pink wigs and don pink nails for Breast Cancer Awareness.

* I’ve e-mailed the captains of our sports teams to wear something pink to raise awareness of breast cancer. Teams will be donning their pinkness on Wednesday the 22nd October 2013.

* I wrote an Inductions recap blog for those students who couldn’t make the SU induction talk.

* The Pontypridd VP and I have been working closely with the Deputy VC’s, the Deans at Glyntaff and head of estates to obtain an SU owned social learning area. We are currently in discussions as to being granted a pilot year in the Belladonnas space.

* The Newport VP and I have been in talks with the deputy VC’s and estates to solution the accessibility issues there have been at City Campus SU.

* I organized an art/photography competition for students which gave them an opportunity to have their design featured as the Hanson special edition poster and win a pair of tickets to their upcoming show.

* I’ve analysed the NSS scores and highlighted hey focus areas for the year going forward.

* I presented our USW Academic Manifesto at the USW/CELT awards evening.

* I wrote a news article to notify students of the lecturers strike taking place on the 31st October.

* I completed the final draft of the Course Rep 13/14 handbook, which will be given out at course rep training.

* I wrote a news article for USW Rag informing students of the opportunities to fundraise and raise money for charity by climbing Kilimanjaro.

Apart from that I’ve fought a number of student cases, replied to millions of e-mails and attended millions of conferences, talks and events (slight exaggeration, but you get the picture).

Keep Peeled for more developments and the next update :).


For more frequent updates, follow me on twitter @USWSU_Pres and add me on Facebook - Carys Rhiannon USWSU.


Carys Rhiannon Thomas :D xx

P.s. A list of meetings I've attended since the last blogg...

#Representation #StickItToTheMan



19.09.2013 Freshers Fair Stand Caerleon

19.09.2013 Trustee Board Caerleon

19.09.2013 Spotify Opportunities in USW Google+

19.09.2013 Hypnotist, Caerleon

20.09.2013 International Coffee and Chat Caerleon

20.09.2013 Sports and Societies Fair City Campus

20.09.2013 Welsh Quiz and Film, Atrium

20.09.2013 Acoustic night and fosters tasting, Caerleon

21.09.2013 Antics on the patio/Scavenger hunt/Beat-a-maxx Treforest

22.09.2013 Liberty Hall/Park/Bridge Induction x3 Atrium

22.09.2013 Glamorgan Court Induction Treforest

22.09.2013 Volunteers and fundraisers bbq, Treforest

22.09.2013 Giant Quiz, Treforest

23.09.2013 SU Course Induction Talks x 4, Treforest

23.09.2013 Glamorgan Court Induction x2 Treforest

23.09.2013 Brunch with the Students Union Atrium

23.09.2013 Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil, Treforest

23.09.2013 Accounting and Finance Talk Treforest

24.09.2013 Mountain Halls Induction x2 Treforest

24.09.2013 Freshers Fair, Treforest

24.09.2013 Freshers Frenzy, Treforest

25.09.2013 HND Year 1 Buisness Induction Talks Treforest

25.09.2013 International Students Welcome Induction Treforest

25.09.2013 Chiropractic Induction Talk, Treforest

25.09.2013 Mechanical Engineering Talk, Treforest

25.09.2013 Business Studies Induction Talk, Treforest

25.09.2013 Gig Cymdeithasol Y GwdiHw, Atrium

26.09.2013 Student Induction Talks x 5, Glyntaff

26.09.2013 Course Rep online training meeting, City Campus

26.09.2013 Kick back, Treforest

27.09.2013 Breakfast with the SU, Atrium

27.09.2013 Welsh Cake Demo, Atrium

27.09.2013 Welsh Students Talk Atrium

27.09.2013 Rock Night, Treforest

28.09.2013 Sports Trials, GSP Sports Park

29.09.2013 Freshers ball, Treforest

30.09.2013 Human Resources Committee City Campus

30.09.2013 Schools and the Community Initiatives meeting, Caerleon


01.10.2013 Team Sabb Pre-directorate meeting, Treforest

01.10.2013 Executive [University] meeting, Treforest

01.10.2013 Noson Cymdeithasol, Treforest

02.10.2013 Facilities Tour with local schools, Treforest

02.10.2013 Ardvark Interview, Treforest

02.10.2013 Volunteering and fundraising meeting, Treforest

02.10.2013 Academic Board, Treforest

02.10.2013 Blues Cassadian Cup, Cardiff

03.10.2013 Hands on Panopto Training, Treforest

04.10.2013 Saloufest Tour Meeting, Treforest

04.10.2013 Argentina Research Meeting, Treforest

04.10.2013 SU space proposal, Glyntaff

04.10.2013 Faculty Student Council Meeting Caerleon

04.10.2013 Honorary Fellowship Dinner Caerleon

05.10.2013 Paintballing, Radyr

07.10.2013 Conferements Board Treforest

07.10.2013 Remuneration Committee Treforest

07.10.2013 City and Caerleon SU exploaration meeting, Caerleon & City Campus

08.10.2013 Administrative Regs Talk Glyntaff

08.10.2013 RWCMD Away Day Cardiff

08.10.2013 Assessment Infringements Committee

08.10.2013 Pontypridd and Cardiff Captains Meeting, Treforest

08.10.2013 LGBT meeting, Treforest

08.10.2013 Student Lock in, Cardiff

09.10.2013 Arms Park University 7’s, Cardiff

09.10.2013 SCORE, Treforest

10.10.2013 Glyntaff SVR Interviews, Glyntaff

10.10.2013 Mental Health Bootcamp, Treforest

10.10.2013 Treforest SVR Interviews, Treforest

11.10.2013-13.10.2013 SWAT School (RAG conference), Telford

11.10.2013 Snowsports Society Induction Event, Cardiff

14.10.2013 City Campus SVR Interviews, City Campus

14.10.2013 SVR Interviews, Caerleon Campus

14.10.2013 Student Affairs Committee, City Campus

15.10.2013 Sabb Team Huddle, City Campus

15.10.2013 Go Out And Talk, City Campus

15.10.2013 Saloufest tour information session

16.10.2013 Quality Assurance Committee, Treforest Campus

17.10.2013 Student Initiatives Meeting, Treforest Campus

17.10.2013 Partnership Meeting Forum, Treforest Campus

17.10.2013 SVR Basics Training, Atrium Campus

18.10.2013 Student Engagement Meeting, Atrium Campus

19.10.2013 Argentina Research Project Planning, Atrium Campus

19.10.2013 USW Open Day Student Experience Talks, Treforest Campus

21.10.2013 ESSG Meeting, Treforest Campus

22.10.2013 Bella Aurora Conference SU Tour, Treforest Campus

22.10.2013 Bella Aurora Conference ‘The Student Perspective’ Panel Talk, Treforest Campus